Essential Pieces of Golf Equipment for the Long Game

One of the differences of golf from any other sport has something to do with the use of equipment. As a matter of fact golf is one of the sports that use a wide array of tools and devices in order to be able to play the game.

There is a wide array of golf equipment to choose from if a person plans on taking up the game.

The first golf equipment that will come to mind when you talk about the sport is a golf club. A lot of professional golfers started out with one golf club, either it was given to them or they found it lying around in the house.

Five time major champion and formerly world number one Severiano Ballesteros started playing with a 3-iron, a club which was given to him by a sibling. Rory McIlroy, who won the U.S. Open in 2011 and the PGA Championship the following year, used to sleep with the set of clubs given to him as a gift when he was young, while his hands were holding one of the clubs as if he was gripping it to make a shot.

golf equipmentFor the long game, the golf clubs in play are composed of the driver, the woods and long irons, which are either used for the first shot on long par 4 holes or par 5 holes.

The fairway woods, which look like a driver but have smaller heads and shorter shafts, are used for fairways and sometimes on the tee if a player wants more accuracy. Greg “The Shark” Norman the 2 time British Open Champion and who has won about 85 tournaments worldwide suggested that sometimes the driver could be used on the fairway as well, as long as the ball is sitting on a good lie. The shot is called “hitting the deck”.

Another piece of golf equipment needed for the long game is the iron, which is numbered from 3 to 9. Although the lower numbered irons are for the long game, there are times when a player needs the higher numbered iron to lay up before an approach shot. There used to be a 2-iron but it is seldom used now. The lower the number of the iron club,the longer it is and the farther the distance of the ball travels. The most famous kind of iron club is the cavity back since it helps compensate a shot when the player does not hit the ball too well.

Hybrid clubs on the other hand act like an iron club but looks like a driver at first glance.

As a matter of fact it is a combination of both, thus the name hybrid, and is used when a player is not too confident in using a long iron on the fairway.

Nowadays, most professional players use one or more hybrid clubs during a tournament.

It has been said the hardest golf equipment to master when a person is still starting to play the game are the ones used for the long game. Between 2012 and the year that followed, a lot of PGA players won a tournament due to the fact they have a superb long game.

One of the best long game players on tour is Tiger Woods; he has won tournaments because of his style of play at the first half of every hole. Even Jack Nicklaus, who has won the most number of major tournaments than any other player on tour said he practiced more on his long game since it is hitting the greens in regulation that will help achieve sinking that dimpled ball in that very small hole for a par or better yet a birdie.

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Why Still Go For (Customized) ID Lanyards?

In this era of start-ups and internet memes, what’s the use of plain old ID lanyard? Some might say zilch– ID lanyards just seem too out of place in these fast changing times where the classic suit and tie just won’t cut it anymore. You know what? We agree a hundred percent. The plain old lanyards are just dinosaurs in this Millennial era.

But you know what’s worth giving to your employees in your start-up? Trust us when we say: customized ID lanyards.

Here are our reasons for why you should still have these (customized) lanyards around!

1. Your employees will stand-out as part of the team

Your employees will wear their ID lanyards out front. That means that their identification will be clearly visible to anybody walking by and getting a glance or two at your employees. You know what that will mean? If they were wearing boring old monochrome–probably, some dull shade of gray–no one will notice anything.

With our in-house online lanyard builder however, you will be able to put easily design your ID lanyards and put wonderful and colorful designs on them unlike anything else. We offer free color matching and artwork samples to make sure that your designs are not only excellent, but made with elegant ease.

2. You can wear them with anything

What people are starting to wear now to work is probably not what your grandfather–he of the “dress to impress” era–had in mind as the “proper” way to dress for work. Shorts. T-Shits. Slippers. Workplaces now slowly beginning to look less like one drab slab of gray and more like a shade of all sorts of colors and styles.


Now while an ordinary ID lanyard–the kind that’s never remembered and ordered in generic bulk–might just feel constraining in such a workplace, but customized lanyards might just do the exact opposite. You can use our in-house online lanyard builder to create a design that isn’t just pleasing to the eyes, but truly reflective of not only what your start-up represents but also of everything that makes your team of extraordinary employees great! That means that you won’t just be fancy company slogans there–you’ll be also able to put all those little in-jokes and references that tie your awesome team together.

3. It’s still important to be both diverse–and united

If there’s one thing you can’t dispute about workplaces in the old days–it’s that sense of company loyalty and unity. Sure, it may not have been exciting for everyone involved. It may have even been stifling or confining for some people to be stuck in those same suits and same shifts. What you can’t deny though is that these people had a sense of warmth and trust between them, a sense of solidarity that you can’t just replicate that easily in a time where everyone’s just bouncing around from one project to another.

Who says though, that you can’t balance the incredible diversity and creativity of today’s workplace with some good old fashioned sense of solidarity and unity? The customized lanyards give your employees a chance to make your company part of who they are, in a way that doesn’t roll over their individuality like a suit or a company T-shirt. They can still freely wear what they want and express themselves–while having a little piece of the team.

We’re all about being yourself and who you are in these times–and that’s really important and awesome–but let’s not forget that who we are is not only about we think and do ourselves, but also what we think and do with each other.

4. They make pretty good souvenirs

In these times, it’s not just important to see your employees as humans rather than cogs–but also your clients as well. These days, it’s incredibly important to be close and to understand your clients and their needs. Why not show your clients that you care by giving them custom-made ID lanyards? Giving them these lanyards will allow you to send a powerful message: that they’re as much as part of your team as you and your employees.

As they say, the little things in life are often the best.

How to Buy Premium Quality Military Coins Online?

Looking for a reliable site, which offers premium military coins can be a daunting task. If you want to find the finest military medallions online, you’ve come to the right place. Our company is a dependable source of challenge coins that you are exactly looking for. In fact, we have wider market reach and that is enough proof of our dedication when it comes to providing the market with dependable products and services.

Military Coins

For those who want to buy customized challenge coins, we have a wide range of options. Through our quality craftsmanship, we can always give our customers the ultimate value in every coin. Our company strongly believes that this promotional item requires uniqueness to effectively provide identity in representing an organization. The military coins that we currently offer online will surely meet your specific needs through our custom design services.

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Showcasing Commitment through Premium Medallions

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Finding Affordable Challenge Coins

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Preparing for Safety Presentations in Groups

It is a generally accepted idea that those who work in teams perform better. Producing and presenting safety presentations can be fickle and difficult work for people who are doing it for the first time, and sometimes even for those who have had experience doing this kind of things. Therefore, it can be great if you, the speaker, would somehow manage to find help where you can get it.

speakersPeople who believe in the same ideals and principles as you do can become important resources in realizing your goal of effectively presenting safety presentations. Looking for people who share the same notions as you can be hard at times, but given that many people normally agree to the ideals promoted in the concept of safety and security, looking for capable people can be lighter work.

Before you go searching for people to help you, make sure that you have actually helped yourself first. Have you thought of a plan on how you are going to present your presentation? Do you even have a presentation in mind? Is it going to appeal to a lot of people? These are some questions you might want to ask yourself first.

Getting people involved in your safety presentations can sometimes be difficult, especially if you know that you would need to have a lot of people work with you in order to complete the project and have it end successfully. The question of how you can get people involved in your program for safety can be quite difficult. Oftentimes, there is no direct answer, and people are left with looking for ways on how they could attract people to work with them towards the realization of this goal. Luckily, compiled below are some of the most useful tips that you can use in order to encourage people to join you in your program.

Give the people you want to work with control, knowledge, and support. A lot of leaders use their knowledge and their understanding of their environment in order to get an understanding of what things can be considered as too risky or too dangerous. People who will work with you will need to be given a sense of control in order for them to feel comfortable enough to make changes in how things work. Lastly, the suggestions, comments, and ideas that people have which they would relay to use must be met with support so that the people who work with you will feel that they, just like what you envision, can make positive changes in the lives of many people.

If it would be possible, spend enough of your resources to train and educate the people who are going to work with you regarding the things that they ought to know when it comes to these presentations. You should also focus your training programs on important matters an base them on principles that you and the people that you will work with can stand on for the duration of the project at hand. Give the others a chance to speak their minds and work out how they would want to apply the principles in doing their job. Provide them with ways to grow.

It is also important to have the people who you will be working with know how important it is that they should also believe in the things that the safety presentations you are going to give will discuss. If it is about a particular health issue, the people you are going to work with should also be on board with the idea that is proposed by the presentation. As the leader, you should also let them make decisions concerning safety. Delegate people who will be working on the safety of the entire group by either electing them to positions or asking for volunteers. Of course, normally it would be much better if people would actually volunteer for the positions.

You can also ask the people you are working with how they want to be involved in the project. Do not let them just sit around and wait for them to come to you. Ask them directly what it is that they are good at so that they could help you in realizing your dream of putting up presentations. In the large group of people that you would probably accumulate, a couple of those have leadership capabilities. Therefore, it would be great if you could tap the potentials of these people and let them do jobs which could actualize their skills further.

speakerOnce you have a team that can work with you, you can do your job effectively and it would be much easier for you to actually produce the best safety presentations for whatever purpose they may serve.

Of course, maintaining a positive relationship is key. Therefore, even though you have already provided them things to do and you have set up rules for them to follow, it would still be much easier if you would always keep check on what is going on between the people in your group. Make sure that they are all getting well with each other, and none is being an annoyance to the others.


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motivationalAs the leader, you should also let them make decisions concerning safety.You can also ask the people you are working with how they want to be involved in the project.

5 incredibly easy ways to order custom pins online

In the past year, lapel pins and custom pins have gained a significant level of popularity due to its functionality and different purposes. They can be of different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. Over the years, pin creation has evolved from the manual labor of imprinting to the use of high-tech tools.

Before, pins can only be bought in stores and nearest malls. They can be modified but there are limitations that might inhibit you to achieve the design that you wanted. However, the modern technology and the web made things easier for many people. Now, pins can be customized according to your liking.

Custom Pins

And the best thing is that you can have your custom pins while you are sitting in the comfort of your home and browsing your laptop. There’s no need to go somewhere else because pins can be ordered online.

If you are new in the process of ordering custom pins online, then here’s a tutorial for you to be guided.

1. Create your own design

Before you come barging to any online store, there are a couple of things that you need to do and one of them is creating your own design. Several online stores offer pin customization so long as you have already drafted your own design. Get your design ready and look for the online store where you want to order your custom pins. While there are stores that offer Free quote, which involves free consultation about your design, some online stores don’t offer that service. Therefore, it’s necessary that you already know the design that you want and submit it to them upon registration.

2. Decide on the plating

Before you can get to order online, you must first decide the type of plating you want for the pin. The plating can be of soft enamel or hard enamel. There are a variety of plating you can choose from and a myriad of options you can decide on. Carefully consider this option as it will affect how your pin would generally look like.

3. Choose the process of pin creation

Generally, you can choose several processes for the creation of your pin. Each process have different outcome, different color quality, and can have different metal type. When deciding about the process, always remember that each process have their corresponding prices. So, basically, when you choose the more modern process the price is also higher.

4. Register online

If you’ve finally decided the design of your pin and the process you want then it’s time to go to the online pin store to register. Registration is as simple as creating your social media account. Actually, the registration is easier than that. All you need to do is click that ‘register’ button and you’ll face a registration form where you need to fill the necessary boxes. You don’t have to worry about your information as online stores keep them confidential.

5. Get your order form and click submit

After your registration, you will be asked a couple questions related to the color of the pins and the process you wanted. The categories are usually clickable so you don’t have to worry about the spelling or memorizing them. After you have fill up the necessary information, it’s time to click submit. You should receive a confirmation email regarding your order and a tracking number so you can monitor the progress of the shipment.

Ordering online is considered as the easiest way to purchase products. Almost anything can be ordered online and now even custom pins can be purchased there too. So, if you are hesitant to order online, just follow the steps above and you’ll just be fine.