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Why Hurt People, Hurt People; Broken People, Break People and Healing the Trauma Binds and Bonds

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December 30, 2019

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This podcast is best for couples, relationships, PTSD and those who "rage against the dying of the light." My area of expertise consists in helping with difficulties in relationships & social relationships. Such difficulties include finding and sustaining healthy partnerships.

Such difficulties include finding and sustaining healthy intimacy, healing from a painful break-up or divorce, recovering from major loss, and growing up in aversive childhood experiences, trauma and difficult circumstances. I am particularly suited to helping those who have cultivated their intellects and creativity but would now like to develop a greater awareness of their emotional world. (Neuroscience of Relationships, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, CBT, DBT and EMDR).

Joe's approach, I'm far from being the silent, blank therapist. I think my approach provides the richest and most depth and exploration of how we love, work, and play. I consider myself more of a process consultant and co-journeyman. I am also a 12 year military veteran and treat PTSD and transition.

I have developed brief 12-24 session relationship programs and intensives for couples to breakthrough the upper limit barriers that block them from experiences the love and intimacy both crave. My couples sessions range from 90-120 minutes and offer several couples weekend intensives for those wanting to go through a deep dive and Reboot Your Relationship.

Joe Whitcomb is a US Military Veteran and Rescuer,  Relationship Coach/Trainer/Speaker, an attachment-based, emotionally focused therapist, and developer of the Trauma-Informed Relationship Psychotherapy Method which focuses on trauma (PTSD and Aversive Childhood Experiences ACE's) and the impact on relationships, mind, body, emotions, health in couple relations, families, blending step-families, military, veterans, first responders, and adult survivors of childhood abuse/trauma.

What Does it Mean to be Trauma Informed?

  • Noticing and embracing that trauma is the expectation, not the exception – all beings experience trauma, just different levels - it doesn't matter if you were or are drowning at 1 feet, 7 feet or 21 feet, you were drowning.
  • Awareness of how trauma effects the brain, body, spirit, sense of safety and security in the world
  • Asking “What happened to you?” versus “What’s wrong with you?”
  • Minimize re-victimization and facilitate recovery for all clients in the most culturally sensitive  way we can, taking into account culture, race, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and other factors
  • Behaviors are understood not merely as complaints but as attempts to cope and survive

This Thing We Do…So Other’s May Live and Love Well and Thrive


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