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The most Romantic gift for a girlfriend (Hint: It’s Not a Teddy Bear)

The most Romantic gift for a girlfriend (Hint: It’s Not a Teddy Bear)

The most Romantic gift for a girlfriend (Hint: It’s Not a Teddy Bear)



Quietly wafting into an open window the distant sound of music reaches her ears. It grows louder slowly, and suddenly she recognizes the tune—it’s one of her favorite love songs. Curious, she steps toward the window and pulls the sheer curtains aside. There below her is a four-piece band.  Her breath catches and for a moment all she can do is stare down with a dazed smile, amazed that she’s living a silly secret dream of a romantic nighttime serenade.




Only her men would have thought of this gesture. Only he could have made this remarkable moment come to life.




This is what a perfect Birthday gift looks like nowadays: Heartfelt and improbably romantic. Pink teddy bears and candlelit restaurants fail to show your true feelings. More and more couples are shifting towards giving experience gifts. And it makes a perfect sense. By giving an experience, you’ll forever be associated with those moments of joy, excitement, and surprise.




An experience gift like a surprise serenade will touch even the most serious woman who swears she’s immune to the red rose romance of her birthday. It’s a gesture that will mean everything to her. The next time she sees you, she will remember that moment of pure music and romance.




Of course, organizing an event like that by yourself can be at the least challenging if not impossible. You’d have to manage the band, flowers, time, and location. That’s where Giftioni steps in.




Giftioni, an LA-based experience gift company, has ready-to-order experience gifts that will make an unforgettable impression. You select the location from one of several major cities across the United States, schedule the best time and location for the gift to be given, and then Giftioni handles the rest. Make her birthday celebration more memorable than any other with a wildly romantic gift for a girlfriend – who knows how you’ll be repayed for your love and thoughtfulness.




Giftioni is the Boutique of Experiences. We offer romantic experience gifts in major cities across the US. Find an experience gift for your significant other starting at just $99.


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