Save Your Marriage
Before It Starts.

Descripton of Program

With more than a million copies sold, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts has become the gold standard for helping today’s engaged and newlywed couples enjoy lifelong love. This expanded and updated edition has been honed by years of feedback, professional experience and the latest research, making it more helpful and informative than ever.
  • Uncover the misbeliefs of marriage
  • Learn to communicate with instant understanding
  • Discover the secret to resolving conflict
  • Master the skills of money management
  • Get your sex life off to a great start
This is more than a book—it’s a life-changing experience. And when used with the accompanying his/her workbooks and the acclaimed SYMBIS Assessment, you’re building a rock-solid foundation for enduring friendship, romance, and passion.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is simply the most popular and proven means for launching lifelong love.

Joe Whitcomb

Joint Joe Whitcomb, well versed in the program, "Save Your Marriage Before It Starts", Licensed Couple Psychotherapist NEED MORE INFO HERE.

Learn the skills that 
guide couples on the path
toward a harmonious and 
long-lasting relationship.

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"Leading the Relationship Revolution...
Progressive Solutions for the 
Modern Day Relationship!"
~ Joe Whitcomb

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