Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

5 Things You Can Do With Your Family (other than watching Netflix)

Have you run out of Netflix movies to watch? As you answer this question, you may realize that everyone watches their own screens too much. Let’s look at some quick stats of the excessive time we consume media every day.
The average adult is on a screen eleven hours a day.
57 percent of Americans (in the survey) said the pandemic has caused them to suffer from more “screenache.”
Wouldn’t it be nice if your family could get together throughout the week to connect? Let’s explore a few ways for you to fight for connection with your family. First you might want to pick a night or day of the week that works best for you. This will allow for everyone to plan around it and even encourage anticipation for the event for everyone. Here are a list of ideas for you to choose from:


Board games are a fun way to unplug from our media screens. In fact, Scholastic Parents suggests that playing board games as a family can help reduce stress and help unplug.


Are the walls creeping in yet? It might be a good time to get the family outside for a nature hike. It may seem obvious, but Stanford found that hiking can help our family’s mental health. This may help family members who have become isolated or depressed.


A great idea may be to head out serve others in your community. Psychology Today suggests that we help ourselves, by helping others.


Our world is changing fast. Our Pandemic lockdown may be a great time to learn a new skill together as a family. Some ideas may include growing plants or visiting a nature preserve.


It may seem old school, but many of us grew up playing card games. My favorite games include Bridge, Poker, Heats, Cribbage, Solitaire and Rummy.
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