Reigniting Your Passion
 For Relationship

What is a BondFire?

A BondFire is a group event which can be held at 
the beach over an actual bonfire or held virtually
via Zoom or Google Meet. The purpose of the 
BondFire is all about Connections, Collaboration, 
Community, and Camaraderie amongst those 
who are seeking to live and love well.

We are a "MasterHeart" Community...

Napoleon Hill, author of the mega best-seller Think & Grow Rich, was the first person to popularize the term ‘masterminding’ just a few decades ago. After studying the lives of some 500 of the world’s wealthiest men, Hill discovered that each of these highly successful men had a group of peers from whom they received regular support, encouragement, contacts, knowledge and advice. By meeting regularly with a group of ‘like-minded’ individuals, they were able to access some kind of ‘Mastermind’ or collective group intelligence that could offer more solutions than they could ever access on their own.
This concept of the Mastermind is very much alive these days. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google or Yahoo Groups, Clubs, Meetups, wherever you look there’s all kinds of peer support groups for every topic, hobby, philosophy, religion, sports, activity or even disease. From Financial mastermind groups, to Alcoholics Anonymous groups, what all these groups seem to have in common – as the word itself implies – is that they are formed around an idea, or ‘like-mind’. But, what if this type of ‘collective mind share’ brings the group together is not just a theme or an idea, but the intention to live a heart-centered life? A group for ‘heart-minded’ people whose deepest heart desire is to design, create and live a more authentic life, from the heart? Enter the Relationship Society…

The Relationship Society

A MasterHeart Community


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Joe Whitcomb

Joint Joe Whitcomb, well versed in the program, "Prepare & Enrich", is a Licensed Couple Psychotherapist 


Collective mindshare can help you navigate 
your way into the right path for your relationship.

"Leading the Relationship Revolution...
Progressive Solutions for the 
Modern Day Relationship!"
~ Joe Whitcomb

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