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Relationships Thrive When
There Is Understanding

Description of Program

"Prepare & Enrich is considered the #1 Premarital and Marriage Assessment for over 35 years." 

Prepare & Enrich adapts and reacts to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessment versions and resources. The reliability of the assessment and feedback guided Joe Whitcomb help couples strengthen and enrich their relationships.

Joe uses the Prepare & Enrich system to streamline his intake process in order to get a comprehensive, objective view of each couple's relationship.

"Prepare & Enrich and its background structure FACES (Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale) continues to be one of the most researched assessment tools with over 1200 published articles supporting its validity and reliability."

Joe regards Prepare & Enrich as one of the most effective tools in his professional toolbox...
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Joe Whitcomb

Meeting with Joe Whitcomb in conjunction with the Prepare & Enrich system will allow him to get a comprehensive, objective view of each couple's relationship to move both of you into better communications, better connection and a better life life altogether.

Learn the skills that 
guide couples on the path
toward a harmonious and 
long-lasting relationship.

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"Leading the Relationship Revolution...
Progressive Solutions for the 
Modern Day Relationship!"
~ Joe Whitcomb

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