Reboot Your Relationship®

The 3-day Reboot Your Relationship intensive is for couples needing assistance with communication, conflict resolution, teamwork, connection, intimacy, understanding, and trust.

Benefits of the Relationship Reboot® Intensives...

Enhanced Conflict Resolution Skills Better Marital Communication
Increased Intimacy and Trust Stronger Commitment
Quality Time
Recreational Enjoyment
Sense of Peace, Joy, and Hope
Quality Care to Meet All Your Relationship
Needs Over
the Weekend
New Lifelong Memories

Personalized and individualized reports and assessments

3 Day Reboot Your Relationship® Intensive Journey

The Reboot Your Relationship intensive is truly unique because of both the therapy/ coaching and activities we offer and how we conduct these sessions. Everything we do is purposefully designed to build your marriage while increasing your communication and intimacy. We utilize a number of experiential counseling elements based on Gottman Method and the attachment-based, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy/ Neurobiology and other relational activities to give couples an overall experience of a lifetime that meets their specific needs. We incorporate both coaching and counseling into all that we do, as well, to help couples begin to deeply process and communicate the understandings they are finding and to help them grow and apply the knowledge they gain in real and practical ways. In this 3 Day Intensive you will:
Form and Develop a Couple Bubble and Safe Haven you can both rely on
Understand your marriage and how you and your spouse got to where you are
Identify and let go of the way you were parented
Identifying your childhood imprinting, unconscious limiting beliefs, adult attachment & love styles
Gain peaceful parenting tools that will help you connect with your children and establish connected communication within your family
Understand how & why your argument cycle keeps you emotionally disconnected • Make sense of the hurts and wounds that have built up over the years
Repairing the ruptures from past wounds between the two of you - Begin a journey of healing past hurts, including attachment injuries, infidelity & betrayals
Moving from gridlock to dialogue
Understand and build a new “love map” for your relationship
Learn how to talk from your hearts about your fears, hurts, needs & emotions
Begin to see each other differently as you build understanding and acceptance
Learn new ways to argue, talk, connect and relate to one another
Learn to grow and foster a safe haven where each feels loved, cared for and understood
Talk about and resolve the hot topics (that typically trigger arguments) in more constructive way

The Reboot Your Relationship® Intensive, will help you...

•  Change ineffective communication   
•  Break through impasses and get unstuck
•  Gain new strategies to effectively 
    resolve conflict
•  Deepen understanding of yourself and    
   your spouse
•  Build trust and heal from past hurts
•  Renew appreciation and affection
•  Learn to accept and celebrate 
•  Transform your habits of interaction
•  Learn to make requests and navigate 
•  Build respect and strengthen your 
•  Move from the isolation and alienation 
   of “ME” to an connection and intimacy of 

The Reboot Your Relationship Intensive program provides...

•  A time away from your normal routine, 
   responsibilities and environment
•  Focused and exclusive attention given by 
    Joe Whitcomb, an experienced 
   relationship psychotherapist with over 
   20 years of experience and training.
•  A safe, private and tranquil setting
•  An in depth assessment of your 
   marriage’s needs and growth 
•  A powerful shared experience one-on-
   one or other couples in a small group 
•  An opportunity to meet privately as a 
   couple with both counselors
•  Faster positive results that may 
   otherwise take weeks or even months or 
   years to achieve
•  An opportunity to know that you are not 
   alone and that you can Reboot Your 
   Relationship from 1.0 to a 2.0 and 
   develop new story of “WE”
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Restoring love through real communication in a disconnected world...

Reboot Your Relationship® is a deep but easy-to-understand dive into the complex world of interpersonal relationships.

The book is suitable for couples and individuals alike. The education inside works great for couples in turmoil, if you need a tune up or want to become a more attractive partner for the future. No matter where you are in life (in or out of a relationship), you’ll find great tools and enlightening tactics to reshape your relationship and create a life full of love, connection and joy.

Reboot Your Relationship is a deep but easy-to-understand dive into the complex world of interpersonal relationships. For many couples, after the “honeymoon” wears off, boredom, discourse and angst grows. With a 50% divorce rate in the USA, is it any wonder our relationships are a challenge? Reboot Your Relationship tackles this problem from the inside out.

The methods in the book begin with delivering a clear and concise awareness of how we think, feel, emote and relate as human beings. From there, the book rapidly takes us on a journey to understand our personal behaviors, needs and wants. It is only when we have a crystal clear understanding of ourselves that we can hope to relate to our partners. We move from the “I” to the “We” effortlessly and from the heart.
“ReBoot Your Relationship is a must-read for anyone in a relationship. Joe gives you the ability to connect, communicate, relate and grow with your partner, using the WE process, a highly effective process that will help you reboot your relationship!”
Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.
The Teen Mentor™
You won’t find a clearer and more concise blueprint for not simply rebooting your relationship, but keeping the fires burning passionately and permanently.”
Jonathon Asalay
Founder of Understand Men Now

Any relationship can be transformed. Let the Relationship Society show you how...

We also offer a six week follow-up program option with our intensives that help you strengthen the Habit of “US” and create a solid “State of the Union” corrective emotional experience together.

Reboot Your Relationship® Video Testimonials

Hear what people are saying about their experience with our program.


"One of the things I love about his approach is that he loves you too much to leave you that way...."


"We were having trouble communicating  and Joe gave us wisdom and insight to appreciate each other's imperfections."


"One of the things I took from this is being validated and validating others. God uses us to accept people like God accepts people."


"It's not really looking for is here, it's all about what's preventing us from understanding what this thing called love is."


"We've gone to Joe before for relationship coaching and this 1-day seminar has been a great reminder on the skills that we need to be doing consistently."


"I've learned about my connection style and how I relate with others, I would absolutely recommend this program to others."

Joe Whitcomb

The intensives have proven to give a couple a ‘jump-start’ so they can begin a journey of changing strong argument patterns, healing past hurts, and experiencing each other as a safe haven.For many couples, the Reboot Your Relationship Couples Intensive is exactly what their relationship needed. For the intensives to be most effective, however, it is important that the couple follow up with marital counseling which we build into our program with 6-90 minute follow up session to be completed online. This ensures continued growth and the undoing of fear, shame and pain and a return to love. We also do a follow up Couple Check Up every year on your anniversary of completing the Reboot Your Relationship Intensive.
Reboot Your Relationship Intensives are based on Joe Whitcomb’s Reboot Your Relationship model and 20 years of research which is an integration of best practices of Neurobiological relationship principles, spirituality, relationship principles from the Gottman Method and Attachment-based Emotionally Focused Therapy – all highly recognized and widely researched marital models found to be one of the most effective in bringing healing and lasting change in a marriage. This powerful model gets to the heart of a couples’ distress, and helps a couple 
turn their marriage around so they can emotionally re-connect.

Take your relationship from a
1.0 to a 2.0 and develop a
new story of "WE"!

"Leading the Relationship Revolution...
Progressive Solutions for the 
Modern Day Relationship!"
~ Joe Whitcomb

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