Rewire Your Relationship DNA™

1/2 Day Live ONLINE Experience Seminar
& Workshop For Couples

First Alarm Wellness
140 Chestnut Ave., Carlsbad, CA 92008

Seminar Cost:  
$199/Early Bird $99 Per couple
Military, Veterans, First Responders $59

Rewire Your Relationship DNA

with Joe Whitcomb, PsyDc, LMFT

If you knew how to handle being triggered in a healthy way, your relationship could get stronger and more fulfilling each time you get triggered. Joe will share the most powerful methods for unwinding emotional triggers.
Highlights of this 1/2 Day Live Experience:
Discover your Childhood Attachment and Love Styles that may be impacting your adult relationships
The step-by-step process of dismantling your trigger in the moment
Learn to quickly identify 4 major relationship destroyers
The two "types" of healthy trigger responses, and why you likely only track one of them and totally discount the other
How to make sure your resolved conflicts stay resolved
The 3 "Must Do's" of healthy conflict
Why being good at "conflict resolution" - the way its normally taught - can actually hurt your relationship

PLUS: Joe will be sharing embarrassing and personal stories that lead us to these nuggets of wisdom!

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Get in on this highly rated LIVE Seminar
with Joe Whitcomb, PsyDc, LMFT, 
Best Selling Author of "Reboot Your 
Relationship" and Relationship Expert

*Joe Whitcomb is a US Army/US Air Force and First Responder Veteran
"Leading the Relationship Revolution...
Progressive Solutions for the 
Modern Day Relationship!"
~ Joe Whitcomb

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