Safe Conversations®

Talking is the most dangerous thing you can do, 
we'd like to help you do it safely.

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Safe Conversations® empowers you to talk without criticism, 
listen without judgment, and connect beyond differences.

Relationship skills can be taught.

It's not natural to slow down and take steps to understand another person. These skills can be taught, and we can train our brains to experience a sense of belonging like never before. Safe Conversations teaches you how.

Objection to difference is the source of conflict.

Top relationship experts Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., began by asking, "Why do couples fight?" What they discovered led them to develop a simple process of taking turns talking and listening in a structured way that creates safety in relationships. They found it works in ANY relationship, and they began teaching workshops to share the life-changing process.


Feel safe, valued, and connected in your relationship.


Increase the joy in your relationships at home, work and everywhere.


Use simple yet powerful communication techniques for having effective - and safe - conversations.


Co-create your dream relationship.


Express frustration in a new way that turns conflict into connection.

Any relationship can be transformed. Let the Relationship Society show you how...

Discover the six-week couples course that people are calling "LIFE-CHANGING", "TRANSFORMATIVE", and "POWERFUL".

Joe Whitcomb

Joint Joe Whitcomb, Safe Conversations Leader, Trainer & Licensed Couple Psychotherapist for a life changing experience designed and developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hut to rekindle the wonder, magic, and joy in your relationships . Using their revolutionary Relationship Methodology, proved to strengthen the bond between couples, this course for couples weaves together expert teaching, inspirational stories, practical tips, engaging demonstrations, and powerful activities to help you and your partner experience the joy you deserve.

Rediscover the fun, romance, 
and wonder of life with 
A course for couples.

"Leading the Relationship Revolution...
Progressive Solutions for the 
Modern Day Relationship!"
~ Joe Whitcomb

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